FreedomPath Launches Revolutionary
Bill Negotiation Platform

Montgomery, Alabama August 9, 2022. Today, FreedomPath, the financial wellness company that helps consumers achieve financial freedom announced a revolutionary bill negotiation platform. The idea behind the new service was inspired by the record breaking rising inflation and overall economy - people simply need a break and this does just that; it lowers your monthly bills and subscription costs without giving up features or benefits.

In the past, when you signed up for a service like cable, phone, internet or other services - the price they say was the price you pay. But now, in today’s world of fintech - you have more options.

Under the FreedomPath umbrella, there are 3 primary financial paths you can take which are included in your monthly membership which are ScorePath, WealthPath and LifePath. These guided roadmaps are packed with benefits that help in virtually every aspect of your finances including everything from tools for monitoring, restoring and building your credit to financial education, lowering insurance rates, saving for retirement and an array of cutting edge financial products - and now, lowering your monthly bills with no downside.

When customers login to their online FreedomPath portal and select WealthPath - they simply choose a provider from a dropdown and they can instantly see how much their bill can be lowered - which often can be a monthly savings of over 25% and often a combined savings of hundreds of dollars per month.

Besides the convenience of not even having to pick up the phone, wait on hold or try to negotiate a bill - consumers now have a powerful platform that does it all for them. Just point, click and start saving money.

“The bill negotiation service we’ve built gives power back to the people and we are very proud to be on the forefront of that movement” says Kevin Carroll, FreedomPath’s Founder and CEO.