FreedomPath is Launched As A Transformative Financial Services Company

MONTGOMERY, AL / ACCESSWIRE / August 7, 2022 / FreedomPath is a new direct selling company offering financial services and education designed to transform the lives of everyday people. The core of the company's offer is what it calls its "journey" to financial health. This program gives each subscribing Member a roadmap leading from where they are today to the goals they wish to reach.

FreedomPath offers Members a range of financial tools, with proven solutions for credit management, cost cutting, savings, insurance and more. Each tool is designed to meet the right need at the right time along the FreedomPath journey. The tools include:

  • Bill Negotiation and Expense Cutting Service
  • 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring & Identity Theft Protection
  • Rental Reporting to Establish and Improve Your Credit History
  • Debt Analysis and Management Tools
  • Easy-to-Use Online Budgeting Tools
  • Hotel, Travel & Event Savings
  • Personal Growth Tools and Courses
  • Exclusive Life Insurance Service(s) to Protect Yourself and Family
  • Live Podcasts, Webinars and Continuing Education on Financial Wellness
  • Much Much More

There are special business tools for Members who are, or wish to become, entrepreneurs, including a powerful, easy-to-use CRM (customer relationship management) platform.

Education is at the heart of the FreedomPath journey, and Members receive daily coaching, tips and encouragement through the dedicated FreedomPath mobile app. There is special coaching available for business owners.

FreedomPath was founded by Kevin Carroll, a young entrepreneur who has achieved vast success in the field of credit and financial management. He is supported by an executive team that balances youthful entrepreneurship with seasoned mastery of the financial services industry. The team includes experts on a wide range of financial services, with an intimate knowledge of everyday consumers and their needs.

FreedomPath has chosen a direct selling business model to market its Membership services. Independent FreedomPath Brokers can earn recurring commissions by recruiting new Members. They can add to their income by building teams of Brokers, earning bonuses from the resulting sales. The business model combines a range of consumer-to-consumer marketing strategies, including customer referral programs, influencer marketing, and tiered Broker organizations.

Founder Kevin Carroll said: "We are all now living in economically challenging times. FreedomPath has a mission to help people break free from living paycheck to paycheck, from being burdened by debt, and from selling most of their time to someone else. Our services on the one hand, and our business opportunity on the other, offer everyone hope for sustainable, lifelong financial health."